What is Neapolitan Style Pizza?

Neapolitan Style pizza is based on the 500 year old pizza making technique from Naples. The long proofed dough is cooked at over 500 degrees centigrade in 60 seconds. This gives a very light and soft pizza crust and because of this is traditionally eaten with a knife and fork.

How Can I Book?

Booking is available online only. Hit the book now button to see table availability.

Can I Book for Tables Outside?

We can only take reservations for indoor tables. Outside tables are offered on first come first serve basis.

How Do I Amend My Booking?

You will recieve an email confirmation when booking, here you can adjust time of booking and party size. Please give us as much notice as possible.

Do You Allow Dogs?

Well behaved dogs are welcome at the tables on the public plaza on Finewell street but not inside or in our courtyard. (These tables must be removed at 9pm so please bear this in mind if you have a pooch)

Do You Allow Smoking?

We are a no smoking restaurant and do not provide ashtrays.

Do You Take Cash?

We are a cash free venue, card or digital payment only.

Do You Have Gluten Free Options?

No we don’t, due to our menu focusing purely on pizza there is a lot of flour on site, we do not want to risk contamination.

Do You Have High Chairs and Baby Changing Facilities?

Yes we have high chairs and baby changing facilities

Do You Have Disabled Facilities?

We do have one accessible table in the bar area, and disabled toilets.

Will I Be Asked to Use a QR Self Serve?

  • Seating on Finewell Plaza – is QR code self serve only.
  • Courtyard seating – you may be asked to self serve during busy times (we know not everybody likes this but for busy periods to run smoothly this is a necessity for a viable business)
  • Inside seating – you can choose how you’d like to be served.

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