What is Neapolitan style pizza?

Neapolitan Style pizza is based on the 500 yr old pizza making technique from Naples. The long proofed dough is cooked at over 500 degrees centigrade in 60 seconds. This gives a very light and soft pizza crust and because of this is traditionally eaten with a knife and fork.


I have an allergy can you cater for me?

We use a number of products which contain allergens. If you have any queries on items please make sure your allergen is noted to the serving staff.

Do you do vegan options?


Do you have gluten free options?

We are currently working on this.



How can I book?

Its easiest to book online just click here. www.knead-pizza.co.uk

Can I book tables outside?

We can only take reservations for indoor tables. Outside tables are offered on a first come first serve basis.

Will I have a time limit on my table?

Knead Pizza is an affordable fast casual dining experience and as such we have to try our hardest to feed as many hungry pizza fans as possible. Our table pacing times are:

1 person 1 hr

2-3 person 1hr 15min

4-5 person 1hr 30 mins

6 person 1hr 45 mins

7 or more 2 hours

If you have a special occasion and would like an increase please give us a call and we’ll try and accommodate if possible.

How do I amend my booking?

You will receive an email confirmation when booking, here you can adjust time of booking and party size. Please give us as much notice as possible.


Large bookings

Why can’t I book for a table larger than 12?

Large bookings will need to be confirmed via email with at least 7 days notice. Please email bookings@knead-pizza.co.uk

Will I need to preorder?

If your group is bigger than 12 then yes. Please do so by emailing bookings@knead-pizza.co.uk

Will we all be able to sit on the same table?

Unfortunately due to the layout of the building bookings larger than 12 will be split across 2 tables next to each other 

Why am I being asked for my card details to book?

Due to the large number of no shows within the hospitality industry unfortunately a cancellation policy is required to protect the business. £8/person will be charged for no shows of groups larger than 6 or cancellations without reason with less than 24 hours notice.

Will I be charged if some of my group don’t show up?

If more than 2 people are missing from a large booking then the no show fee will be charged




Do you do a full venue hire?

At this time it is not something we are offering

Do you have some more private hire info?

Yes drop an email to bookings@knead-pizza.co.uk and we’ll send you our pack.



Do you allow decorations?

No. For the enjoyment of all restaurant customers in order to keep the correct atmosphere decorations are not allowed. You can however bring your own decorations in our private hire room (check above for details)

Can I bring a cake?

We do not allow brought in cakes. If you have a group of 6 or more we can provide a sharer version of any of our desserts (excluding affogato) which will come with candles. These must be pre-ordered 4 days ahead of any booking and are charged at £6/person. If you have a smaller group and would just like a candle in someone’s dessert please let us know on the night.


Do you allow dogs?

Well behaved dogs are welcome at the tables on the public plaza on Finewell street and the bar area but not the well room, main hall or in our courtyard. (Plaza tables must be removed at 9pm so please bear this in mind if you have a pooch)

Do you allow smoking?

We are a no smoking restaurant and do not provide ashtrays.

Do you take cash?

We are a cash free venue, card or digital payment only.

Do you have high chairs and baby changing facilities?

Yes we have high chairs and baby changing facilities

Do you have disabled facilities?

We do have one accessible table in the bar area, and disabled toilets.

Will I be asked to used a QR self serve?

Seating on Finewell Plaza – is QR code self serve only.

Courtyard seating – you may be asked to self serve during busy times

**(we know not everybody likes this but for busy periods to run smoothly this is a necessity for a viable business)**

Inside seating – you can choose how you’d like to be served.


Do you do private hire?

We have a private hire room available for between 20-40 people. We do not hire out the whole venue. Please get in touch with bookings@knead-pizza.co.uk for info.

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